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Our Mission

 Columbia University Women in Law and Politics is an organization founded to create a community of support and progress. We aim to combine the educational goals of a pre-professional organization with the ongoing and necessary conversations about gender parity in both law and politics. We believe that beginning this discussion early will equip women with the skills to confront gender issues that they face in further education and in the workplace head-on, and that establishing an organization will provide a network for advice, career opportunities, and continuing dialogue to better our industries and society.

Combining Law and Politics?

 CU WILP aims to focus on gender disparities that act as obstacles to women who are pursuing careers in the legal field. Despite the differences between the path to 'politics' and the path to 'law', many students who are interested in the law may be considering a wide range of interconnected career paths that fall somewhere on the spectrum amidst law and politics. For this reason, as a pre-professional and community-oriented organization, WILP includes a range of career goals and paths that stretch past simply becoming a practicing lawyer and law school. A discourse that explores opportunities and career paths for law-minded individuals, we believe, will broaden our range of learning and hugely benefit WILP as a pre-professional organization, while our larger scope will allow our community to be a more useful network as we progress past our time at Columbia.

Some events may be better directed to students who hope to practice law, while others may be more beneficial to those who are considering a Masters in Public Administration and/or a path directly into elected office. We trust that our members will use their discretion in choosing events that advance their goals the most.

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